Mystery Photo Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 6

The Story of Corn

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  1. To enhance students' knowledge of the vast possibilities that lie within a kernel of corn through independent observations of visual materials, particularly scientific photographs.
  2. To teach students the principles of using visual materials as sources of information.

Activity Summary

Students will examine a photomicrograph of a kernel of corn. Clues to interpretation of the photograph will lead them to discover that within the common corn kernel lays a whole world unseen by the naked eye. The Story of Corn Scavenger Hunt Activity will lead students to investigate the unique properties of corn and the many uses of corn byproducts. The Webliography also provides a number of online resources students will find useful and interesting when investigating the many uses of corn.

Extension Activity

The science of photomicrographs isn't a recent development. Soon after photographic technology was developed, people were eager to apply this new device to the world of the microscopic. Taking a Photomicrograph .... in 1904 provides a look at a most interesting camera designed to take microscopic photographs-in 1904! Since that time, photo technology has come a long way.

Students will find the microscopic world fascinating and interesting. They may even want to develop their own Mystery Photo Activity. Use the following steps to prepare your students for this experience:

  • Search for the word "photomicrograph" using a common search engine.
  • Have students select and print an image from one of the collections.
  • After cutting and trimming the image, mount it on a piece of cardstock.
  • Using 3x5 cards, have students write two Mystery Photo Clues. Tape the clue cards face down to the bottom border of the cardstock.
  • On the reverse side of the cardstock, have students identify the object and add any appropriate background information to help the viewer interpret the image.
  • Display the images on a Mystery Photo classroom bulletin board.
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