Mystery Photo

Activity 6

The Story of Corn

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What is this?

After examining this image, write your response in an email message to your teacher or exchange ideas with a friend.

Used with permission of Michael W. Davidson at Florida State University.

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Clue #1

This photograph was made with micro imaging technology. This is an image of something that grows.
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Clue #2

This is an image of a seed that grows in rows.
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Think you know?

This is a photomicrograph showing a thin section of a corn kernel.

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More Than Meets the Eye

A whole world that no one can see with the naked eye lies within a kernel of corn. New technology allows us to "see" things that would otherwise be invisible. Sometimes these objects are very small. When they are enlarged 1000 times or more, their appearance becomes mysterious and even strange.

Modern technology also allows us to look at objects that are very large and very far away--like the sun. Using imaging radar scientists can take pictures of various locations on the surface of the earth. With the technology of the Hubble Space Telescope we can even look at the distant edges of the universe.

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