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Activity 4

The Story of Corn

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Corn is everywhere! Products made from corn are all around us. The glue used in your classroom, the chewing gum you aren't supposed to have in your classroom, and even the paper you write on are all made from corn.

Combine harvesting corn near Stockton, Kansas

Here's how it all starts. After corn is harvested, it's taken to the processing plant where it is soaked and ground, spun and separated into starch, protein, hulls, and gluten. These raw products are then sold to other industries that make everything from antibiotics to paint.

The Iowa Economic Development Council has asked you to assist in telling the story, "From Field to Your Table". Your project will showcase the importance of corn production in everyone's lives.


  1. Choose a partner.
  2. Read each question in the scavenger hunt. Think of at least
    two additional questions you wish to answer on your Web page or poster exhibit.
  3. Number a word processing document from 1 to 10 and
    record your answers.
Useful Tip: If you are using Netscape, under the "File" Menu, select "New Window" and move it to the right of your screen so that you can look at the questions while you are searching for information.Review the Web site resources and select those where you think you might find answers to the questions. You will need to read carefully to find the answers. Record notes that will help as you develop your exhibit or Web page.
  1. When you have completed your research, create a Web page or poster exhibit about your findings. Use large bold type when writing questions and special headings. Arrange your research information to attract the viewer.
Tortillas and corn taco shells


  1. What three parts of the corn kernel are the basis for all corn products?
  2. Refiners separate the corn into its components -- starch, oil, protein and fiber -- and convert them into higher value products. What are the most important refined corn products?
  3. What foods are produced using starch?
  4. List the practical everyday products and foods your family uses that are made from corn.
  5. Corn is a biodegradable, renewable resource? Why is that important?
  6. How is corn used to produce a value added product, ethanol?
  7. (Your question)
  8. (Your question)
Grocery cart of corn products

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