Amazing Mazes Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 7

The Story of Corn

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  1. Students will locate corn mazes and explain how corn mazes are one type of farm tourism activity.
  2. Students will describe how farm tourism is a value- added activity for the farming economy.
  3. Students will brainstorm opportunities for their community to interpret present farm life, agribusiness, and past agricultural history.

Activity Summary

  1. Students will work with a partner and review the history of mazes.
  2. Students will participate in a class discussion about farm tourism. Topics to discuss:
    • Why is Iowa well-positioned to take advantage of the trend towards `reality-based' travel experiences?
    • How are family farms often dependent on non-farm sources of income and how will farm tourism assist with rural development initiatives
    • What are some places in our community that provide opportunities for visitors to learn about immigrant stories and history, rare livestock operations, or food production from the farm to the table?
  3. Students will create a maze with Discovery School's Puzzlemaker Advanced Maze Creation. By entering a few numbers to set up the size and clicking the "Create My Maze" button, students can instantly create mazes, as well as experiment with a wheel or cut-out shape for a real challenge.
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