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The Story of Corn

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Corn Products We Use


Chart showing the many uses of corn

Corn on the Cob
The Post-Gazette article tells about recent developments in sweet corn.

A Zillion Uses for Corn
Wow…what a list of products that use corn compiled by the Ontario Corn Producers Association

Cool Products Made From Corn

It Begins With A Kernel
Iowa Corn Production Board presents a list of the basic products made from corn.

Uses of Starch
U.S. Department of Agriculture shows a photo of many uses of starch that will surprise you.

A Brief History of Corn Refining
The Corn Refiners Association tells the story of the corn refining industry.

What is corn refining?
The Corn Refiners Association presents a brief history of the corn refining industry. This Web site also includes many other links about the corn refining processproducts made from corn.

The most important refined corn products

Ethanol Facts
The Iowa Corn Promotion Board presents ethanol facts and production statistics.

Starch products

Ethanol Basics
Describes the fuel and its benefits. Also includes a glossary and quick facts.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Commerce provide useful statistical information on corn refining and products made from corn.

Corn Part of a Global Economy
Discusses the impact of export markets for U.S. corn; analyzes historical exports of refined corn products to determine potential areas for future market developments; and reviews technological advancements that may help meet the needs of an expanding global population.

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