Build a Prairie Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 4

Exploring the Prairie

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Students will identify plants and animals in the prairie environment and compare and contrast the different animals that thrive in the prairie and describe traits that aid in their survival.


Students will follow the directions to build their own simulated prairie at the University of Minnesota Bell Museum website.

Tips For Teachers


The following lessons and science demonstrations provide detailed resources for classroom activities.

Dirt: Secrets in the Soil - Utah AITC Lesson Plans

Demonstrations in Soil Science - Department of Agronomy, Purdue University.
A collection of science demonstrations suitable for science fair exhibits or classroom demonstrations. Requires the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® plugin program to view the publication.

Meadows and Prairies Forum
Develop a list of class questions and post those to the forum discussion board as an Ask-an-expert activity.

Ask the Answer Worm - Questions about Soil

Soil and Water Conservation Society

International Erosion Control Association

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