Build a Prairie

Activity 4

Exploring the Prairie

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Change a dirt field into a thriving prairie with this interactive simulation.

  1. Follow the directions at the University of Minnesota Bell Museum website.
  2. Be sure to visit their excellent glossary.
  1. Follow the directions a Build a Prairie created by University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum.
  2. In your journal, answer the following:
    1. What did you find interesting and why?
    2. What words were you unsure about? List the words in your journal. Go to WordCentral, find the definition and record it next to the word in your journal.
    3. Complete this sentence, “I would like to find more information about…”
  3. Take a virtual field trip to Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge to view the re-creation of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.
Photographer: Gary Hoard
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