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General Prairie Information

Particles and Prairies Video
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Fermilab's video includes information about prairie plants, animals, history of the prairie, prairie restoration efforts and prairie research projects.

Fermilab's Life Science Prairie Resource Center

Prairies: Rediscovering a Fragile Frontier
Contains an overview of the many endangered plants and animals that once inhabited the tallgrass prairie, the continent's largest connected ecosystem.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
A site map for various areas is provided along with a list of Biological Resources for locating plant and animal life. It also offers a resource finder to support online searches, has a publication database for articles, gives announcements of press and article releases.

The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois
Includes a definition of prairies, talks about formations and settlements of prairies, discusses the role of prairies in aviation, types of prairies in Illinois, the biodiversity of prairies, plants found on prairies, where to see prairies, landscaping with prairie plants, prairie restoration, lists of publication references on prairies, acknowledgements and links to prairie websites.

Northern Prairie Biological Resources
Lists biological prairie resources by type and geography. Also links to other prairie websites as well.

Prairie Links
Addresses prairie ecology. Provides prairie wildflower links, lists of prairie organizations and horticulture links.

Origin of the Tallgrass Prairie

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Prairie Vegetation

Exploring Grasslands - definition of prairie
Defines the term "prairie" and addresses various natural preserves, grasslands, refuges, and parks. The table of contents includes lists of prairie attractions, activities, locations, books/media, travel, gear, forums, and features all dealing with GORP (Great Outdoors Recreation Pages).

Our Natural Heritage - North Dakota
This site is broken into fourteen sections: Native Prairie Values, Management, and Conservation Programs; Native Prairie Management; Native Prairie Conservation Alternatives; Grassland or Conservation Easements; Land Acquisition (contact), Natural Areas Registry Program (contact); Grazing Systems (contact); Wildlife Habitat Incentive Programs (contact); Grazing Management Technical Assistance (contact); Environmental Quality Incentives Program (contact); Grasslands For Tomorrow Program (contact); Habitat Pilot Program (contact); and Agency Offices and Phone Numbers (contacts).

North American Grasslands
Addresses various prairie regions and provides hands-on activity examples.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Includes three sample lesson plans exploring the tallgrass prairie at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

Project Bluestem: Prairie/ Savanna Curriculum Activities
Activities for elementary, middle school and high school students explore prairies and savannas.

Friends of the Prairie
Provides an introduction to the Learning Center including the mission, resources, hours and contacts. The table of contents also includes animals, activities and events, photos, links, email, history and books.

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Reviews the Tallgrass Preserve in detail with the history, physical features and hours of the preserve. Also includes an "Adopt a Bison" program.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Prairie Learning Center
Includes a brief description of the refuge and the Learning Center. Provides maps and directions, information on Prairie/ Savanna Restoration, Environmental Education, upcoming events, and research. It also includes links to Friends of the Prairie and National Wildlife Refuge Association.

Prairie Grass Cultural Guide
Lists prairie grasses by the scientific names, types, height, color, blooms, and comments. Also includes picture links and comments.

Prairie Grasses
Provides general background information on prairie grass.

Native Prairie Grasses
Provides an illustrated list of prairie plants in bloom. Also includes notes on selected native grasses.

Midwestern Wetland Flora
Field Office Guide to Plant Species

North American Prairie Slide Show

Prairie Plant Slide Show

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Prairie Animals

Butterflies Observed at Fermilab's Prairie

Frogs Observed at Fermilab's Prairie

Insects Observed at Fermilab's Prairie

Prairie Animals
Provides links to many classifications of animals that make the prairie their home.

Prairie Animal Printouts
Defines the prairie and addresses adaptations among prairie animals of North America. Also lists prairie animals along with background information, a photograph and general anatomy.

Animals that Live in the Prairie Ecosystem

Prairie Ecosystems – Animals – Mammals

Prairie Ecosystems – Animal Adaptations

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American Buffalo (Bison).

Center for Bison Studies
Includes photos of Bison from the Center for Bison Studies.

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Prairie Fire

Prairie Burn Video
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation’s photos of the Breen Prairie controlled burn and restoration

Benefits of a Prairie Burn
Check out photos of a controlled prairie burn and see how fire-fighters recreate nature's own process of controlling weeds and adding nitrogen back into the soil.

Teacher's Lesson Guide for Fire Field Trip
Includes a detailed lesson plan focusing on how to take students on a field trip to a controlled burn. The objectives, materials, lesson plans and activities are included.

Aerial photos of prairie burning in the Flint Hills, Kansas

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Photograph Collections

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Collection of Photo Gallery
Anyone can download free conservation and natural resource-related images for use in newsletters, brochures, websites, school lessons and presentations. Search for images by state or category. 3000 images

Prairie Wildflowers Photographs
Provides three pages of Native Wildflowers. Each page has approximately six different flowers with brief descriptions and pictures for each.

Prairie Grasses Photographs/Prairie Grass Cultural Guide
A list of Prairie Grass with the scientific names, types, height, color, blooms, and comments are provided. It also includes prairie plant links.

Prairie Grass Photographs
Includes three pages of prairie grasses with brief descriptions and photographs.

Iowa Prairies - Splendor in the Grass Photographs
Twenty-four different prairie scenes are included with a description of the scene and background information.

Photos from the Fermilab Prairie

Benefits of a Prairie Burn

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