Where are the Women?

Activity 3

Grout Museum District Excursion

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Where are the Women?

North Star Egg Case Company, Waterloo, Iowa, circa 1910

Step 1 - Check the Facts

Read Articles Below.

Step 2 - What Do You Think?

Write your response to the following questions:

Why were very few businesses started or owned by women in 1900? Why were women not considered equal to men? What kinds of work did most women do in 1900?

Step 3 – What Were Women Doing in 1900?

Review Where are the women? to check your answers to these questions.

Step 4 - Then and Now

Review the business section from your local newspaper in the Classified Ads Jobs section. Or check out the top jobs list online or search the online employment listings in the Waterloo Courier. Ask the same question: Where are the women? Write your answers to these questions:
  • As you review the ads what types of jobs are available for women today?
  • How does this compare with what you read about working women in 1900?
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