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The Altstadt & Langlas Baking CompanyCirca 1908

  • The Altstadt & Langlas Baking Company was located at 1428 Mulberry St in Waterloo.
  • C.F. Alstadt was president and manager of the company and Mr. Langlas was secretary and treasurer.
  • Each day the company could bake twenty-five thousand loaves of bread, two thousand pies and fifteen thousand cookies and other small goods.
  • The company used 14,000 pounds of flour annually.
  • By 1915, the company employed 60 people.
  • It utilized eight wagons and three auto trucks in delivery.
  • It shipped goods to eighty different towns and cities.

Source: John C. Hartman's History of Black Hawk County, Iowa, and its people, Volume 2, published in 1915

Source: Atlas of Black Hawk County, Iowa, The Iowa Publishing Company, Des Moines, Iowa, 1910

Circa 1920



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