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William Galloway Company

Galloway Ad. Source: Atlas of Black Hawk County, Iowa, The Iowa Publishing Company, Des Moines, Iowa, 1910.

  • In 1901 William Galloway, a farm implement dealer and salesman, started the Wilson-Galloway Company in Waterloo. It was located on Sycamore Street.
  • The company manufactured farm machinery and vehicles.
  • In 1905 he started the William Galloway Company which at first manufactured harrow carts and wagon box manure spreaders. Later it produced gasoline engines, cream separators, manure spreaders, tractors, harrows and other implement specialties.
    William Galloway and Spreader
  • In 1907 he moved the company to new buildings in the Westfield Addition of Waterloo.
  • The buildings covered over 14 acres of floor space.
  • The company employed between 800 and 900 people.
  • The business averaged $2,000,000 a year, and the appraised value of the real estate, buildings and equipment were set at $1,462,000.
  • Officers of the company were: William Galloway, president; J.G. Brinkerhoff, vice president; J.W. Henderson, secretary and treasurer; and J.T. Swift, F.W. Powers, C.E. Pickett and E.W. Miller, directors.

Galloway Company Officers

  • Most of the sales were made by mail through the catalog system, and over 300,000 names of actual customers were on the books of the firm.
  • Shipments were made to all the states of the Union, to Canada and to many foreign countries, including China, Australia, the Philippines, Cuba, the British West Indies, Siam, India, Russia, England, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the various countries of South America.
  • Most of the foreign shipments were cream separators and gasoline engines.
  • Shipping points in the United States were maintained in Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City and St. Paul.
  • During World War I, the company received a tractor order amounting to $1,600,000 from the British Government.
  • The William Galloway Company spent $2,000,000 for advertising in farm journals.

Galloway Club

  • William Galloway started the Galloway Club that provided food and lodging for his customers in a large building near the factory.
  • Because farmers came to Waterloo from nearly every state in the Union, any farmer who came to Waterloo to check out the Galloway products got free meals and lodging at the Galloway Agricultural Club.
  • Galloway was so successful because he was able to recognize the needs of his customers and knew how to sell his products. One such ad showed an image of him standing behind a manure spreader with the text, "We stand behind our products."

Source: The Waterloo Daily Courier, August 5, 1922.



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