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Activity 4

Pioneer Farming

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The local museum is looking for students who will assist in developing an exhibit or Web page describing what early pioneer homes looked like in the 1830s.


  1. Choose a partner.
  2. Read each question about pioneer homes. Think of at least two additional questions you wish to use with your exhibit.
  3. Number a word processing document from 1 to 10 and record your answers.
Useful Tip: If you are using Netscape, under the "File" Menu, select "New Window" and move it to the right of your screen so that you can look at the questions while you are searching for information.
Photographer: Deb O'Brien

Review the Web site resources below and select those where you think you might find answers to your questions. You will need to read carefully to find the answers. Record notes that will help as you develop your exhibit or Web page.

  1. When you have completed your research, create a poster exhibit or Web page about your findings. Use large bold type when writing questions and special headings. Arrange your research information to attract the viewer.
  2. Illustrate your display with original drawings or sketches. You might want to include drawings of a log cabin, split rail fence, cabin interior with fireplace and spinning wheel, a sketch of a pioneer family, and a sod house.


  1. What kinds of pioneer homes were built where trees were abundant?
  2. What types of pioneer homes were built where trees were scarce?
  3. How did pioneers build a sod home?
  4. How did pioneers build a log home?
  5. How were log homes and sod homes similar? How were they different?
  6. What were the advantages of each?
  7. What sort of floor plan was typical of the sod or log house? Number of rooms, windows, doors, fireplace, bedrooms?
  8. What animals sometimes joined the pioneer family as roommates?
  9. (Your question)
  10. (Your question)

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