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  • Ninety-two percent of Iowa's land is devoted to agriculture.
  • Iowa leads the nation in the percentage of land used for agriculture.
  • Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn, soybeans, and pork.
  • Iowa is second in the nation in egg production.
  • About 6.4 percent of the US agriculture exports come from Iowa.
  • Approximately 12 million acres of corn were harvested in Iowa in 1999.
  • Iowa's average rainfall is 30.1 inches per year.
  • The number of Iowa farms is steadily declining. In 1998 there were 97,000 farms in Iowa. In 2000, there were 95,000 farms.
  • Approximately 11 million acres of soybeans were harvested in Iowa in 1999.
  • Iowa's 5 most important agricultural products are corn, soybeans, cattle, hogs and dairy products.
  • Some Iowa farmers are developing alternative farm products such as herbs, honey, goats, emus, ostriches, rabbits, flowers and even fish.
  • In 1999 Iowa produced 3.9 million pounds of honey.
  • In 1998, Iowa packing plants produced 6.2 billion pounds of meat.
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