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Pioneer Women - For Teachers

For Teachers

Extension Ideas

The following supplemental activities could be part of learning centers, post fieldtrip activities or assigned as homework to extend learning beyond the letters, maps and photos provided on the History Center Excursion.

Ask a Curator

Write a letter to a museum curator with questions or intriguing observations about a pioneer exhibit and request professional expertise on the topic.

Daily Life of Pioneers

Use Pioneer Farms and Farming resources and American Memory to develop a poster or PowerPoint presentation illustrating the daily life of a pioneer family.

Pioneer Women

  1. Brainstorm a list of key words about pioneer women;
  2. Develop a 3M list of search terms;
  3. Choose search engines and websites that provide reliable information;
  4. Design a graphic organizer to sort and compile information;
  5. Evaluate Websites using a chart.

Midwest Immigrants

Research who came to the Midwest as immigrants and where they settled in the state.

Scavenger Hunt of Pioneer Artifacts

Explore your community for resources on pioneer artifacts and create a photo book of the artifacts.

News Flash - Pioneer Update

Create 10- to 20-second news flashes about an aspect of pioneer life (journey to or the settling of an area in the Midwest or life of the pioneers--fires, locust, etc.). The news flashes could be designed as audiotapes for radio or video files for television news.

Pioneer Excursion to Iowa

Research and plan a pioneer journey from Cleveland, Ohio to Cedar Rapids, Iowa including mileage/day, cost, supplies, total costs, etc.

Pioneer Cookbook

Find recipes used in pioneer times; research the ingredients used and theorize why these ingredients were used. Select and prepare one of the recipes.

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