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General Information About Pioneer Life

Life as a Pioneer - Why Move West?
A brief explanation of the push/pull factors which influenced many people to settle in the Midwest and West.

Life as a Pioneer- Traveling West
A brief description of the modes of travel used in Iowa during pioneer times, including maps of railroad lines.

Pioneer Farming - Life in a Log Home
Describes what it was like to live in a log cabin in pioneer times; including how cabins were built, how meals were prepared, and how housekeeping chores were done.

Pioneer Life in Ohio
A description of the hardships endured by Ohio pioneers in the mid-1800s. Includes information about pioneer food, medicines, cabin-raisings, and money.

Hinckley-Big Rock School District (Illinois) in conjunction with Southern Illinois University, presents information about toys, games, customs, crafts, clothing, farm life, and housing, including many photographs.

Information about pioneer food, clothing, medicine, transportation, farming, games, and homes, including many photos.

The Domestic Frontier
Includes links to information on pioneer clothing, food, and home building.

Pioneer Recipes
Recipes for homemade soap, ice cream, and stew.

Pioneer Farming Techniques

Introduction to Pioneer Farming
Describes the methods and tools used to cultivate Iowa farmland in the 1800s.

Interactive Sites

Not For Ourselves Alone
An interactive quiz about a typical day in the life of a Nebraska farm girl in the 1800s.

Dear Laura
Students may ask questions about pioneer life and have them answered by a historian at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.

Firsthand Accounts: Diaries, Posters and Articles

Diary of a Young Girl
A reprint of a diary kept by Ellen Strang in the early 1860's. It contains a record of pioneer farm life including information on household chores, planting and harvesting crops, illnesses, and travel.

Millions of Acres for Sale Poster
A copy of a Land for Sale poster to entice people to come to Iowa in 1872.

Iowa Farm Letters - John and Sarah Kenyon
Describes a family's efforts to stop a prairie fire in Iowa in 1859.

Pioneer Farming - Journal of William Buxton
A diary of one man's journey from England to Iowa in 1853 includes descriptions of travel by steamship, train, steamboat, rail, and stagecoach.

Pioneer Farming - Pioneering at Bonaparte and Near Pella
Sarah Welch Nossaman's recollections of the hardships she experienced on several Iowa farms where her family lived in the 1800s.


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