Where Did We Come From?

Activity 9

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Where Did We Come From?

Activity 9 – Where Did We Come From?

The first Americans came from Asia thousands of years ago. Later people from countries of Europe and Africa and other parts of the world came to make the United States their home. Today America is home to people from all over the world.

Map Picture by Zhenya Vidyapina, Age 12 (Russian Federation)

Step 1 - Interview Your Family Members

Interview your family members to find out what countries and continents your ancestors came from. Asia? Europe? Africa? South America? Australia? North America?

Map Picture by Ben Hankins, Age 14 (United Kingdom)

Step 2 - Select One Country or Continent

Choose one country or continent to represent you.

Map Picture by Atayan Samuel, Age 14 (Belarus)

Step 3 - Download a Map

Go to the Online World Atlas and download a map of your country or continent.

Map Picture by Gabriella Fink and Gyorgy Viszti Age 12 (Hungary)

Step 4 – Make a Map Picture

Then make a map picture that represents you. For creative ideas, explore the examples on this page created by other children around the world.

From the Barbara Petchenik Children's Map Competition and the
Maps, Data and Government Information Centre at Carleton University Library. Used with permission from the International Cartographic Association.


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