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Archaeology Digs and Simulations

West Perry Archaeological Site
Contains pictures of student-created artifacts and a simulated dig as part of an eighth grade class project. Provides steps for implementing a similar project in other schools.

Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past: Exercise Introduction
An interactive simulation showing how an analysis of artifacts can help determine the main features of an archeological site. Web site visitors can test their knowledge of archaeology by placing simulated artifacts in the correct underground layer.

Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past
Describes the procedures involved in setting up an archaeological dig.

Kids Dig Reed
An interactive, animated visit to a 200-year-old farmstead in West Virginia gets one as close to a historic dig as possible without getting dirty hands. Visit the "Discovery Zone" and follow the links through the excavation process. Survey the land, run the metal detector, screen for artifacts and more.

Archaeology as a Career

Ask Dr. Dirt: I Want To Be an Archaeologist
Provides information about the field of archeology in the form of questions and answers posed to an imaginary archaeologist.

Archeology in Iowa

Iowa Investigative Report
A listing of numerous links to sites about the history of geology and animal life in Iowa, including dinosaurs and fossils.

Browse Area
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau provides an extensive list of links to Iowa's archeological past, including information on everything from floods to fossils.

Office of the State Archeologist-University of Iowa
Provides links to numerous sites and teacher resources about the archeology of Iowa.

Geologic Studies and Water Programs
Provides many links dealing with the current and past geological formations in Iowa.

Bedrock Geology and Bedrock Topography of Iowa
An excellent full-color map showing the ages of the various rock structures found throughout Iowa.

Learn About Iowa's Past
Includes excellent links to information about Iowa's geologic past as well as information about archaeology today.


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