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Henry Nauman’s Story

The following information is based upon a transcribed letter written about Henry Nauman and his sweetheart.

Nauman's Letter Page 1

Henry Nauman came to Waterloo in 1855 from Hessen, Germany, leaving behind his family and friends, among them Rosina Hiller, his sweetheart.

Nauman's Letter page 2

He came to America to seek his fortune. He planned to send for Rosina after he was established in a job. He also planned to marry Rosina just as soon as she arrived.

First he found work with a farmer named Charlie Mullan. He helped with the farm chores and other jobs that needed to be done. In June of 1859 he was sent to the Big Woods in Bremer County to cut timber for the Mullan’s new home. While he was away Rosina arrived in Waterloo. At that time there were no telephones and letters took a long time to arrive. So Rosina had no way to tell Henry that she was coming very soon.

Nauman's Letter Page 3

She came to Waterloo through Buffalo, New York where her family settled when they arrived in America. When she arrived in Waterloo, she asked for Henry Nauman. No one had heard of him. How do you think she felt then? After nearly a week of anxiety, anguish and searching on her part, the men returned from their timber cutting. Among them was a man known only as “Dutch Hank”. She knew him as Henry Nauman.

They were married in the Mullan home and continued to live with the Mullans until Henry could build a home of their own. Because they were good friends, they built their house close to the Mullans.



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